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Massage Chairs – A Closer Look (Part 2)

What’s your idea of rest and relaxation? What’s your age? What you do? What’s your activity level? These all defines your need for rest and relaxation. Are you a teenager or in mid-twenties or in mid-forties or well above sixty. If you are a teenager or in mid-twenties after a hard workout or a hard day out in office you would probably need your muscles to have rest and re-boost them with energy.

rest and relaxation massage chairs

If you are in mid-thirties or forties after a hard day at work you want to have rest to get freedom from tiredness and fatigue. Are you well above sixty down with arthritis and joint pain for every case one needs a rejuvenating massage session. But it is really impossible to make time to visit a professional masseuse or a spa for a private massage session. For last 6-7 decades massage chairs has been transformed from an item of luxury to necessity. Massage chair now comes with a host of user friendly features and applications.

Massage chair air bags!

The massage chairs are equipped with numerous air bags which provide hand like massage.

They have numerous programmed sessions and can give practically any types of massage like Swedish, kneading, tapping to shiatsu. Massage chairs can recline up to 170 degree with features like zero gravity for total relaxation where your entire body weight gets transferred to the back rest for complete relaxation of spine and back. The massage chairs are also equipped with heating function to provide best pain relief to lower back area.

They have auto body scanners which scan the body type and identify the pressure points for maximum pleasure. Massage chairs also provide different level of customization like timer, preset programs, massage styles, led remote etc.

These chairs offer innovative massage function with variable stroke length up to 30″. They provide hand like massages to sensitive areas like back of neck, calves, shoulders etc so that you get maximum relief from pain and fatigue.

Companies provide warranty varying from one year to up to three years limited onsite warranty. You can buy online or from a local fitness shop, companies provide customized delivery also.

You can choose from high end Inada Sogno Dreamwave Osaki 4000 Executive Zero Gravity or an affordable Full Body Zero Gravity Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner Soft 3D Hand Massage EC01 or Chinese makeCozzia 16028.

Massage chairs are available in different colors and textures and also in high end true leather option. They have several security options alike child lock infant and pet recline obstruction sensor, breakaway power cord etc.