10 tips to make you sleep better

At eurocareitalia, sleep is something that is important for all of our coworkers. We sat down during lunch hour and made this list together!

The way to a healthy life goes through your eyes. Whenever your eyes takes in light, it addresses the awake-state in your body, and the contrary when youre asleep.

Thats why you want to be in daylight as much as possible, to help you with living a healthy and great life. With that being said, you should not overdo it – since your eyes also needs rest!

girl sleeping so soundly

Here are 10 great ways to get a better sleep

  1. Sleep less

Try to sleep less in periods of sleep problems, and also try to lay awake as little as possible in your bed. So make sure that you are tired when you want to go to bed so that you can fall asleep faster.

  1. Remove any artificial light sources

Try to remove a lot of sources of light that are bad for your eyes. This can include light such as smartphone light, computer screen light and spotlight. Your biological watch loves the natural light from the sun!

  1. Fasting!

A lot of people are using diets like intermittent fasting and so on. Try different variations, but the result should be that you dont eat too close to going to bed, since your body will be too busy with working with your food than letting you get a good nights sleep!

  1. Temperature trick

There is a theory that you can chock your body with a quick change in temperature. Because your body’s temperature lowers during sleep, you should first take a hot shower, then let yourself cool down while you have a draft in your room so you help your body with the lowered temperature.

  1. Eat-and-sleep watch

Get your routines regularilly and stick to them! Set times to when you should eat and when you should sleep! This can help drastically with your sleep quality.

  1. Use the light

Light some lights, open the curtains or take a morning walk! That way your body gets a great start of the day!

  1. Use the dark

Make sure to not be exposed to a lot of light for at least one hour before bedtime. Turn off computers, smarthphone and the TV.

  1. Cool down

Prepare the next day to relieve any stress. Read a book or do some meditating.

  1. Exercise

Exercise will help you with stress! Try it out and you will surely get a better nights sleep

  1. Find your rythm!

This is superimportant. It’s your ryhtm and nobody elses, but be sure to follow the rythm of the sun as well since it determines the lightsources you can use to your advantage.


This list is meant for you to hopefully get a better nights sleep! I hope it truly can help you with this issue! Leave a comment down below if you liked it!